Using the Scriptures to Enhance Perspective

A good friend of mine dealing with infertility, among other very real and difficult trials, posted this on her blog recently. I think it is a wonderful perspective that holds magnificent spiritual meaning and provides great comfort. I want to share it with you…

“In the midst of my low moment yesterday, I received an email from a dear friend. She is basically a rock star, in every sense of the word. Well, maybe except the whole ‘drugs and alcohol and groupies’ part. Please, allow me to share the words that brought me so much comfort. I hope that they provide many of you with some insight as well.

“I know she is right.

“Even though I oft times feel I have been on fire for the past 3 years, I know that it’s been for my good. I am strong, I am more empathetic, I love deeper, I care more, I truly listen. These are traits I would not have acquired other wise. I have never been alone, and He has never required me to carry it by myself. If I have ever felt that, it’s because I wasn’t willing to seek help, not because it wasn’t offered.” (For more from my friend, visit her blog here)


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