Support Groups: More to Consider and a Big Announcement

I have enjoyed thinking about support groups this week. I hope you have considered ways to seek support and have reflected on relationships that have been helpful during your battle with infertility. I loved what my friend, Monica Ashton, talked about earlier in the week about finding support in the relationships which surround us.

Let me add two more relationships where we can find support…

  • Yourself. Be your first support group. Take care of yourself. Pause every once in a while and evaluate your feelings. Write them down. Ponder how you feel about comments others make, how you feel about treatment options, etc. Spoil yourself. Encourage yourself.
  • Heavenly Father. Pray frequently. Talk to Heavenly Father about what you are feeling, what your options are, how you should respond to others, and what paths to take. Pray to Him alone and pray to Him with your spouse. Unparalleled strength will come with this “support group”.

I believe that support groups can be critical as we deal with difficult life circumstances. Sometimes it feels like it would be much easier to keep our suffering to ourselves. After all, defining our feelings is quite challenging, but then sharing them can be even closer to impossible. Reaching out for support takes risk and great effort. BUT, it can be pivotal to our ability to cope and live beyond our challenges. May I challenge you to choose a relationship and seek to find greater support in that relationship. Once you have found support there, continue to another relationship. Some may be more difficult than others, but you will find great benefit as you increase supportive relationships.

May I share one more thing…I know it can be difficult to support and strengthen someone dealing with infertility. But, you are in a valuable position to help lift and help a friend. Here are some things to think about. Or, if you want to share some ideas with friends and family who could use some additional guidance about supporting you, share this link with them.

Come back Monday.
I have one more post on support groups and a


about Support Groups to share with you.
I am excited and thrilled and can’t wait to share it with you.

We will see you on Monday!!



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