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I love attending infertility support groups! (I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying it’s way better than a Relief Society meeting!) When I started having infertility issues I felt like I was the only one in world feeling anxious, stressed, and depressed about the possibility of never getting pregnant and carrying my own baby. I questioned my worth as a woman and a wife. I would journal about my feelings but I needed to talk about them as well. My husband, as caring and concerned as he is, couldn’t validate my emotions. That’s when I knew I needed to find a group of women that I could relate to and cry with.

My biggest concerns with attending a support group was having other women tell me what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do differently to handle infertility. It’s also scary meeting new people to talk about such personal issues. Neither of these concerns were issues as I attended my first support group meeting. As the women started sharing their stories I felt instantly connected with them. Although our stories were different, our experiences and emotions were nearly identical. Sharing our frustrations, disappointments, heartaches, successes, and humor helped me to not feel so alone. I learned from their experiences and gained insight into my own emotions. I couldn’t wait to see them again at our next meeting!  Infertility support groups have definitely played a big part in helping me work through difficult emotions and not feel so alone.  Reaching out to others has blessed me in return.


What has your experience been with going to support groups? Where have you found a support group? Do you want to start a support group near you? Do share by commenting below…

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