Reinventing the Wheel is Highly Overrated

Because I believe that reinventing the wheel is for suckers, when I find a book, article, blog post, or event (or whatever) that addresses a topic better than I could, I will let share it with the world. So, that is what I will do today.

For a while, I have been receiving emails from women who have endured miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or infant loss. These women have expressed a great need and desire for more resources and information on this emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually difficult trial. This particular challenge has not been a part of my personal life, however, I know many, many women who have endured great suffering associated with these very real losses.

When my friend Lindsey Redfern of The R House posted recently about this topic, I was thrilled! For those who know her…she is remarkable and incredible and fabulous (to name just a few of the things she is). When I read the posts, I was overcome with greater understanding and sympathy for women (and men) who experience miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or infant loss. I thank Lindsey for being amazing and sharing these stories. I thank these three women for their courage and strength. I stand in awe for each of you who have walked a similar road. May you be inspired and validated as you read their stories. May the rest of us reach out with greater love and understanding.

Part 1: Understanding and Supporting Pregnancy Loss

Part 2: Understanding and Supporting Pregnancy Loss: The Do’s and Do Not’s

Part 3: Understanding and Supporting Pregnancy Loss: The Grieving Process



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