On My Mind: Reasons to Celebrate

It has been difficult to decide what is “on my mind” this week; so many things are jumping around in my head, fighting for attention.

First of all, however, I must follow up to last week’s post…my close friend found out on Friday that her cycle of IVF was successful and she IS pregnant. My heart is happy that she has reached this point in her very long and extremely difficult journey. To hear the joy in her voice is exquisite and very satisfying to me. I appreciate reflecting on the tender mercy of her pregnancy, but also on all of the small tender mercies and interim blessings that have been a part of her story. I am grateful that faith works! Congratulations!!!

My friend’s news is, of course, reason to celebrate. I am mindful this week of many other reasons to celebrate as well! I think of many of you who I know very personally, and recognize the various individualized plans you are living. Things have not necessarily worked out the way we have planned, however, I am grateful for the faith you have each day. I am grateful that I am aware of the tender mercies and great miracles (small and large) that grace your lives. Each one is evidence of a loving Heavenly Father who knows us all. Who loves us beyond comprehension. And, who wants us to become something greater than we can even envision.

I think of another dear friend and her husband who have had one struggle after another, making it difficult to see evidence of things working for their good (see Doctrine & Covenants 98:3). Tears are abundant, frustration is at its peak, despair is definitely part of the equation, and yet, I have seen remarkable things rising from her soul. My heart has been sad and very heavy as I have seen justifiable anger, bitterness, and true grief be a part of her life, but I have found great joy seeing the almost tangible transformation from hopeless to being filled with faith. I see the power of faith painting light into the picture of her life, and it is truly beautiful. What a tender mercy!

I also think of the many friends and acquaintances who are busying themselves with educating, reaching out to, and comforting those dealing with infertility. As I read blogs, review websites, peek into chat groups, talk to friends, and receive emails, I am amazed at the good works which are being done to lift others. How crucial that work is and I love seeing it in motion! I am impressed with so many of you and how you are providing tender mercies to all around you. I celebrate you!!

Finally, I celebrate every move forward. Every move toward…

  • receiving a diagnosis and prognosis
  • deciding on treatments
  • submitting adoption papers
  • receiving a child into a waiting home
  • achieving pregnancy
  • understanding and coping with something so difficult and so vastly complicated,
  • improving relationships with family and friends, such that we can receive greater love and support into this challenging part of life, and, of course…
  • Every move toward strengthening our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

There are wonderful reasons to celebrate…each a tender mercy…each bearing greater hope…each bringing much needed joy…each healing a little more of the hurt.

Let’s Celebrate!


26 October 2009


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