On My Mind: Far From the Poster Child for IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has been “on my mind” this week. First of all, I must say that I am amazed at the technology available to couples dealing with infertility. Our options today would shock an infertile couple from centuries or even decades ago. I am grateful for the great minds who have been able to wrap their brains around IUI, IVF, medications to help hormone levels, and surgeries to improve reproductive systems. I believe they have been inspired.

My mind has been focused on IVF as I have been counting down the days until someone dear to me finds out if this great medical advancement has worked in her favor. My prayers, my faith, and the intensity of my hope have truly been spent as I have been channeling all that I have in her behalf. I truly want this for my deserving friend and her husband.

I am far from the “Poster Child” for IVF; in fact, I must admit that my confidence and faith in IVF was nullified when I saw it completely fail for me. However, as I have seen numerous success stories over the past several years, my confidence in IVF has slowly rekindled enough that I know this procedure can work for my friend. I have hope!

Of course, my faith in Heavenly Father is far greater than in any medical procedure. I know that He is a part of this process for my friend—He is part of the process for me and He is part of the process for you. Not only is He aware of my friend and the things she and her husband have endured and sacrificed as they have battled infertility for years, He is absolutely aware of the intensity of their faith…the faith that has guided them to this week and, now, these days of waiting. He is aware. He knows. He will bless.

I know that IVF was something my friend never thought she’d have to consider. None of us did. But, I know that it has the potential to bring tremendous joy to someone who wants to be a mother. My prayers will continue as we endure the waiting of the next few days…

19 October 2009


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