On My Mind: Don’t Throw it Out…

I am a little slow with my Ensign reading. In fact, I must admit that when the September issue came, I almost decided just to throw out the July and August issues even though I had not read them yet. Time is limited…I thought. What I don’t read won’t hurt me…I thought. I will be better this month…I thought. But, my little self was just plain ill about casting aside two copies of the Ensign just because I felt a little overwhelmed by reading 3 issues in one month. So, I resolved to merely peek into the September issue BUT I had to read both the July and August issues before I could move from peeking to reading.

The point? The point is that I learned to never throw away a copy of the Ensign without reading every last word! In these two issues, I found great treasures. Can you believe I almost missed them? One treasure I will share with you…Elder Marlin K. Jensen’s article “Those Who Are Different”.

As I flipped through the Ensign, I saw the article’s title and almost dismissed it, thinking it might not apply. But then, my eye caught one paragraph which read:

“Even when they are worthy, members whose lives don’t fit the ideal and thus are considered different often feel inferior and guilty. These feelings are heightened when we as their brothers and sisters fail to be as thoughtful and sensitive toward them as we ought to be. Consider, for instance, the unintended impact on a childless married couple when a member of the ward asks them when they are going to have children, not realizing that they have wanted to have children for a long time but have been unable to do so.”

I was immediately hooked and HAD to read the rest of the article. It did not disappoint. Saying that I loved Elder Jensen’s article does not adequately express how positively moved, thrilled, and giddy I was. Almost the entire article is underlined. As I read I felt comfort, I had a new perspective, and I felt as though someone else understood my life (huzzah!!). Let me share some things that made an impression on me. I hope you will read the article in its entirety and allow his words to make an impression on you as well.

  • “The desired outcomes of a gospel-centered life are held up as ideals for which we are all encouraged to strive. Although such ideals are doctrinally based and represent desirable objectives in our quest for eternal life, they can sometimes become sources of disappointment and pain for those whose lives may vary from the ideal.”
  • “As we work to resolve these challenging situations, it is important to recognize that the solution isn’t to eliminate or even lower the level of the ideal.”
  • “We all have our failings, and our lives vary in some ways from the ideal. We are all different!”
  • “Seeking to keep all the commandments—even if we sometimes fall short of the ideal—is something within the power of each of us and is acceptable to our Heavenly Father.”
  • “May God bless us to realize that an important measure of our progress in coming unto Christ is to be found in how well we treat others, especially those who are different. And may we remember that we are all different in some way.”

Things to add to your list…love Elder Jensen for his words. Always read the Ensign.


1 September 2010


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