National Infertility Awareness Week, Day 3

Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on finding ways to live beyond infertility. Not only do I think that what we do in the interim (between now and what ever the future holds) speak volumes about who we are, but it can also enhance the quality of our living and bring greater blessings into our lives. To read more about what I think about coping, go here.

When you deal with infertility for a decade (like me), it seems like you have tried every last coping strategy and increased your faith as much as you can. It sometimes seems like there really isn’t much more that you can do. It just is what it is. But, in celebration of National Infertility Awareness Week, I am going to share some NEW things that I am trying to incorporate into my life to shake things up, to bring happiness, to inspire, and to allow peace to be a part of every day!

My NEW comment to say to people when they ask “those questions”…

“My husband and I finally purchased satin sheets after 12 ½ years of marriage. Who knew we were doing it all wrong?! We are hoping they will be just what we need!”

My NEW happy places…

A nice hot shower for alone time…thinking time.
Hobby. Lobby. Alone.

My NEW favorite quotes (for this week)…



My NEW guilty pleasures that I don’t feel at all guilty about…

  1. Playing Mario Brothers with my husband.
  2. Getting a massage.
  3. Eating Aidell’s Mango Jalepeno Sausages. Oh my, they are so yummy!
  4. Buying fun necklaces with lots of bobbles and bling.
  5. Watching old episodes of Law & Order on Netflix.

My NEW great internet reads…

Dancing On Barren Land, intriguing insights!
My cousin’s blog. I loved reading her feelings about her infertility…here and here.
My Journey to Fertility
Loving My Choice
We Are All Mothers
Childless Mormons

The Exponent…page 4. I’m not really into the “feminist” thing, but loved this article. My favorite…”The thing about waiting is that you have to keep living life while you’re doing it.”

My NEW favorite Conference Talk (it isn’t new, but it one I like right now)…

“Of Things That Matter Most”, President Uchtdorf. Read it here.

My NEW things to “control”…

  1. Sometimes I “forget” to wear sunscreen so I can soak up all the intensity that the sun has to offer.
  2. Making my bed… when I take the whole 30 seconds to make my bed, I feel put together. I feel like I have better sense of control. And, when the rest of the day is crazy, it is amazing how the exquisite order of my “made” bed can bring a sense of control as I catch a glimpse of it.
  3. I like parking in the middle of the garage when my husband isn’t home…just because it makes me feel good.


What are some of the things you are doing to live?


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  • Katie

    I love hiring someone to come and clean my house! Just because it’s only two adults living there (and a small dog) doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dirty. And just because I’m not chasing kids around all day doesn’t mean I have time to clean. It’s a simple pleasure knowing I can come home and do what I want to do–and not what needs to be done!

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