National Infertility Awareness Week, Day 4

I forgot to give you suggestions of ways to raise awareness yesterday, so today, you get a double dose (remember you can raise awareness among your family, friends, the cyberworld, or even with yourself)…

  • Read about RESOLVE’s “Bust a Myth” campaign…see information below.
  • Make a list of things you can start doing that will help you cope a little better. And then do one. Need some ideas? Go here. Or, if you are in Utah, join me on Saturday.
  • Read a book about infertility.
  • Join an online community or forum.
  • Sit down and talk with your spouse about a plan and what the next step will be for you.
  • Find or start a support group. Try one through
  • Write on a blog or make a comment on a website about infertility.

I am loving the “Bust a Myth” campaign that RESOLVE is facilitating this week. I have enjoyed reading blogs of people busting myths about infertility here and there and everywhere. It is wonderful…amazing…awesome! I love how much infertility is being talked about this week. That is definitely something we should celebrate!!

Have you read the various “Bust a Myth” topics from RESOLVE? Here are just a few…

Myths about Infertility Diagnosis
Myths about Domestic Adoption
Myths about Male Infertility
Myths about Living Childfree

If you haven’t, go and read here. Share it with others. This is the fastest and easiest way to get information.


As for my own myth that I want to bust…

What worked for my friend will surely work for you!

(it certainly isn’t unique)


I cannot tell you how many times I have received a suggestion for how I can resolve my infertility that is based on the success of another couple…

…just adopt…
my friend adopted and got pregnant

…maybe you are too stressed…try relaxing…
my friend stopped thinking about it so much and got pregnant

…maybe you run too much…
my friend was really active physically and then reduced her exercise and got pregnant

…maybe you should change your diet, use essential oils, drink this concoction…
my friend did and got pregnant…


…have you tried…

…do you think that…


I know the suggestions are well meant, but every time someone offers one up, I feel like they think I don’t know what I am doing. Infertile people are not dumb…infertility is NOT caused by not knowing how to reproduce. Couples dealing with infertility probably know the reproductive system better than anyone else. They know the options that are out there…they have probably considered every last one of them. Maybe they have tried a majority of them.

But, here’s the deal…every couple’s infertility is different. The diagnosis, the prognosis, the everything is different. We cannot suggest that there is a blanket solution that will solve every couple’s issue.

To those who have all the answers, here is what I say…

“My fallopian tubes don’t work. In fact, I just have one.
The other one is like a giant balloon when it should have delicate, finger-like projections.
No amount of relaxing or eating differently or adopting or anything is going to make that one blobby fallopian tube work right.
And, just for the record, I am not going to stop running,
but I am going to try out those satin sheets (wink, wink).”



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