National Infertility Awareness Week 2011

This is a special week. Sure, I think about infertility a lot simply because it is a part of my life. But this week is a week to work extra hard to talk about and to help others learn more about infertility. It is a week to care for someone who is dealing with infertility. It is a week to acknowledge a silent disease, one that you can rarely see with your eyes…there are no outward signs of the sadnesses within.

To me, this week should be a week of celebrating. Not celebrating infertility, but rather what we know about infertility and how that knowledge has opened doors. We should take time to celebrate all of those in the community who support couples battling infertility: doctors, therapists, lawyers, friends, and family. We should celebrate the successes along the way. We should celebrate the stronger relationships we have created because of what we have experienced. We should celebrate what we have become and the roads we have explored. We should celebrate our strength, our courage, our faith.

Let’s celebrate!!

This week, I challenge you to do something…even if it is ONE thing…to acknowledge infertility. It might be acknowledging infertility in your own life or in the life of someone you love.

Today’s suggestions: (there will be more tomorrow)

  • Watch a video about infertility. Here are some great ones…
  • Choose a National Infertility Awareness Week event to attend. Here is a list.
  • Read an article about infertility. You can find all kinds of information on this website. Or, you can find a list of other great websites here.
  • Choose to speak to 5 people about infertility during the week. You can talk to your mother or father, a friend, a sister or brother, a neighbor, someone in your church congregation, a coworker.

My appearance on Studio 5 in 2010…


Music video of a song about infertility…(for more information go to

A story on The Today Show…

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Marc Sedaka on The Today Show…

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