Love and Marriage

Last week, I (along with an amazing committee) hosted an amazing Fall Event…”Living in Infertility’s Reality”. I really should have recorded it so I could share it with the whole world! It was amazing!

We had 3 couples who are experiencing infertility talk. Did you hear…couples? That means both wife AND husband spoke. And, it was incredible. They talked about their experiences with coping, with communicating, and their experiences with redefining life as they have been immersed in the trial of infertility. People were writing furiously as they were trying to soak up tangible ideas. We heard inspiring quotes and we were laughing super hard with Josh Redfern (you may know him from The R House). How refreshing it was to hear about reality and to see that even in reality, life can be wonderful. Andrea and John Timothy, Tiffany and Jon Alleman, and Lindsey and Josh Redfern…thank you! Thank you for showing us that love and commitment (and humor) conquers all. You are all truly exemplary!!

After the event, a belief was strengthened…that belief is that one key to thriving and finding greater success during life difficult experiences is to focus on your marriage. It is true!! If you can be strong together, if you can cope together, if you can have a positive relationship with each other…you can survive!

We can’t do this on our own.
We need each other.

(For a great talk by Elder Hales about doing things on our own, go here).

Tomorrow, come back, because I want to share 3 keys that will strengthen your marriage from a Licensed Therapist…you won’t want to miss it!!


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