I believe there is great power in knowing that there are other people around me who are experiencing the same thing as I am. Instead of feeling isolated and so alone in my sorrow and grief, I feel like I can reach out and share my feelings, ask questions, and simply know that I am not alone.

I personally invite you to join with me…to join me by committing to…

  • acknowledge our similarities,
  • support and strengthen yourself and others dealing with infertility,
  • spread awareness by proactively educating others,
  • use the Gospel to motivate, to understand, and to heal, and,
  • improve our reactions and our capacity to cope.

For you, you might only feel comfortable saying that you deal with infertility in your life. For someone else, she might feel empowered by hosting a support gathering to listen, learn, and share. For another, she might not be infertile but wants to support and learn. And, for another, he might feel like sharing thoughts and feelings anonymously. Whatever level of participating you feel comfortable with is wonderful. I believe that it will make a difference.

You can “join” and raise awareness about infertility by doing a couple of things:
(You do not have to be dealing with infertility personally to join with us)

  1. Click here to find us on Facebook. “Like” the page and you will be added to our “community”. That means you will be able to participate in small discussions, share ideas, ask questions, and receive information about what is happening at You will also find ways to be involved in raising awareness about infertility.
  2. Click here to be added to our “community” database. Your first name and last initial will be added to our list of those committed to acknowledging infertility. You will receive information about forums, other events, and website updates on a regular basis.
  3. Share with friends and family. A great way to let your friends and family know about is to link to it from your personal website or blog. Many people have been asking me if I have a downloadable badge or button they can use…well, here they are: Copy this text…

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