Exercise…it actually does a body good


This is an excerpt from my book:

“When we were in the midst of one of our IVF cycles, I found exercise to be therapeutic. The daily injections in my hips were not only causing a great deal of pain and bruising, but they were causing intense swelling as well. Perhaps you can imagine my discouragement because I was having to go to extraordinary means to do something I thought should be basic—conceiving—and now, my pants wouldn’t fit! Sleeping was painful because I could not put pressure on my hips without horrible pain, sitting for long periods of time was uncomfortable, and walking was miserable. You may be asking, ‘So, how exactly was exercising therapeutic?’

“My sister and I had the goal of walking together every day. During this cycle of IVF, we continued to follow our daily walk routine. It proved to be a lifesaver! Some days were particularly difficult and I wanted to shut myself up emotionally and physically, but my sister knew I needed to get out and walk, so she would encourage me, strongly. The therapeutic part was getting out into the sunlight, breathing fresh air, seeing the beauty of the world, talking to my sister, and being as active as I could be. I cannot remember everything we talked about, but I know that the physical activity somehow increased my emotional capacity as I dealt with the frustrations of the time” (Daynes, pg. 97-98).


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