April 2011 Ensign Up at Last

I cannot tell you how excited I am that the April 2011 Ensign is up on lds.org!! Many of you know that there is an article in The Ensign for April about infertility and it is wonderful. How pleased I am to see infertility addressed…how far we have come!!

Click here to read it.

I want you to formulate your own opinion about it so I won’t say too much. But, I WILL say that once I received my copy of The Ensign and flipped to the article I was disappointed (keep reading) that all the couples highlighted had chosen to adopt. I immediately closed the article and put it aside for later. Why was I disappointed? Am I against adoption?

I am PRO-adoption.

I am also PRO-fertility treatments.

I am also PRO-childfree living.

I am PRO-whatever is best for your family.

My expectation for the article in The Ensign was that it would address all types of family building adventures. Some family building adventures don’t end with adoption and I would really, really, like to see that recognized. I suppose I would have liked to see a broader spectrum.

So, I said too much. Will you still formulate your own opinion? With that said…

I went back to the article later that day and loved every word. I know the majority of the couples and loved seeing a peek into their lives. I loved their insights and the deep testimonies that are a part of their journeys. I loved seeing what they have learned. How blessed I was by reading it. One of my favorite quotes:

“What I would have planned for our life would pale in comparison to what God has given us. What He has in mind for His children is better than anything we could ever design.” – Brenda Horrocks


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  • I cried almost the whole time I was reading the article! I am so glad that it is being recognized! Amazing article everyone should read it!

  • Kay

    I was also excited to read the article and cried as I read it. I had hoped that it would include more than just families who adopted, but I did appreciate the perspectives of the featured couples. Too bad it was all focused on adoption, though.

  • I agree that I was suprised the article higlighted 4 adoptive families. It seemed strange to me. Though adoption is great (I have an adopted daughter) it’s not the best choice for everyone and certainly not THE right choice. I think it would be great for the Ensign to delve a little deeper and find some families with different outcomes. Shining some light on infertility pain and outcomes might really help thousands of women.

  • Sarah

    My husband and I read it together and we were hoping to read more about other options as well. I was really wanting to see the perspective of LDS families going through fertility treatments and guidance on that. I love that infertility was mentioned though. So many people are affected with infertility and I love that it is a subject open for conversation now and it helps other people to be aware.

  • tara

    I loved the Ensign article, but was also disappointed that all of the families adopted. We would like to use the article to inform our families (they don’t know we’ve been struggling), but we are in the middle of treatment and are leaning toward child-free living if things don’t work out. I’m afraid they will think that we’re overlooking adoption when really we’ve thought and talked a lot about it.

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