A Daily Dose of Fresh Air

I am convinced that fresh air does wonders for our human bodies. Even though the air outside is not always perfect, there is something soothing and healing about stepping outside and taking a deep breath. I know there have been many days that I trap myself inside, convincing myself that being a recluse is an okay thing, only to find out that it really just makes me feel worse. On those days, it takes a feat of strength to go outside, but when I do, I am amazed at what being in the great outdoors does for my soul. Between the deep breath and the sunshine (direct or filtered by clouds), I receive added capacity and even a different perspective. Here are some interesting things I have learned about getting a dose of fresh air…

  • Nature can ease stress and anxiety. It even increases mental flow.
  • Oxygen and nitrogen are two things we get when we are outside. In order to have a healthy body, we need healthy cells, and healthy cells need oxygen and nitrogen.
  • When we breathe out, we remove toxins from our bodies.
  • When we breathe old, stale, dusty air, we deprive our cells of their basic needs. Our homes and public places are filled with this stale air…so just think about what we are breathing the majority of the time!

It is great that we have so much research telling us the benefits of fresh air, but try it out…the experience is even better than the research!

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