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On My Mind: Treasures in My Basement

I have a lot of stuff. I am sure I cannot be labeled as a “hoarder”, but I am also sure that I have no idea how any one person could collect so many things. I’d love to say that every last thing I have is a treasure, but, in most cases, it is just […]


On My Mind: Lessons from the Plan

Yes, it is nearly the middle of October and I am finally posting my “On My Mind” for the month. Yes, I know that I can schedule posts to post automatically and I could have written something and had it ready on 12:00AM October 1st, but perhaps the reason I didn’t is because of what […]


On My Mind: Don’t Throw it Out…

I am a little slow with my Ensign reading. In fact, I must admit that when the September issue came, I almost decided just to throw out the July and August issues even though I had not read them yet. Time is limited…I thought. What I don’t read won’t hurt me…I thought. I will be […]


On My Mind: Considering the Side Effects

If you are anything like me, you are constantly considering ways to improve your life. What will make me more organized? What will help me get up earlier in the morning? What will help motivate me to eat better and exercise more regularly? What will make me happier? What will bring greater peace and solitude […]


On My Mind: Difficult and Painful Roads

In April, a story appeared online in a local newspaper about me, my book, and the Utah Infertility Awareness Event which I organized. After I read the first few public responses to the article, I decided that it was a waste of time to sit and read each response. Many of them were far from […]